Terms & Conditions –

Updated October 2020.

Please take the time to read through our terms and conditions  


No Membership fee needed for the FIT X FEDERATION YEAR 1 – This will change after the first year to support costs and we will ALWAYS aim to give back to the Athletes – we are nothing without you!

It is the competing athletes’ responsibility to make themselves aware of all relevant competition rules & adhere to them.

Variations to classes, omissions to classes & additional classes are at the discretion of the promoter but must be approved by the head of FIT X and or Head Judges.

Athletes may compete in ONE or a maximum of TWO classes per show. Promoters may put on other classes outside of the qualifying classes such as local area competitions & these can be entered additionally.

Any age relative class will require the athlete to produce ID at registration if asked.

The minimum age to compete in the FIT X Federation is 16 years old.

FIT X show(s) will operate as run-through events. Athletes will go on stage, participate & then receive placings, trophies, invitations, etc.

No background music shall include swear words, blasphemy or promote violence or racial hatred. In any instances of this happening the music will be stopped.

The head judges has in exceptional cases the authority to remove or to not allow an athlete to step on stage if it is felt that the athlete has not reached a basic minimum standard required for a competitive athlete.

Final Invitations

FIT X Final Invitations are awarded to athletes that the judges feel will be competitive at the yearly National Finals. First place in a qualifying event does not guarantee that the athlete will receive an automatic invitation to the Finals. ALL invitations are the responsibility of the head judges at the respective qualifying show(s).



An automatic Finals invitation is offered to any athlete who won their class in the previous year’s FIT X Final. For clarity, being a FIT X Final’s Class Winner is relevant for one season only.




Any promoter, athlete, service provider or affiliated person shall enter into any arrangement or agreement voluntarily & of their own free will. By doing so these external parties are bound to accept the rules, as laid out in this document & to follow the working practises of FIT XPO Liability

Any promoter, athlete, service provider or affiliated person shall have no claim over FIT XPO Shows in relation to any loss they may incur whether it is financial, harm to reputation or loss of time.

Any promoter or organiser shall make the necessary steps to provide medical & insurance cover for any event over which they have control.


Media Rights

Any photograph, video recording or any other image of athlete

participation in a FIT X event will be considered an assigned image & FIT X will hold copyright of these aforementioned works or images.

FIT X reserve the right to control any & all press accreditation to

media organisations in all cases where formal media coverage is being undertaken.


(If applicable) Professional Athletes will be selected from the very best amateur athletes. In all instances a Professional Athlete may not return to compete as an amateur Athlete.

Code of Ethics

Any athlete, official, judge or affiliate by participation agrees to abide to a Code of Ethics.



Any show or competition that allows Amateur Athletes to be selected to compete in a National Final shall be considered a qualifying show.


Exceptionally, there may be shows or competitions to which FIT X  have no direct formal involvement but through prearranged agreements Athletes may be selected through that event’s judging processes.







As a Sporting Provider FIT X recognise the need to follow a set of values that will enhance, promote & forward not only the sport of Bodybuilding & Fitness but also that of a caring, equal & fair society.


In all instances FIT X insist on the following practises:


Officials & service providers must promote health & safety in every aspect of any related activities.


All Officials & service providers must ensure that respect is shown to all. Everyone should be treated equally & sensitively regardless of age, ancestry, colour, gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or disability.


All officials & service providers must honour sport. Fair play, the following of the rules, politeness, acceptance of decisions & moderate language & behaviour must always be displayed.


In all manner of transgressions, cheating, bad behaviour or breaches of this Code of Ethics, the FIT X Team has the power to sanction, disqualify, withdraw support, expel or impose endorsements on individuals or support organisations that have been found to contravene rules.