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Supplement Needs are committed in providing the best sports supplement brands currently on the market with the best service possible! Furthermore our flagship store also boasts a showroom of home and commercial gym equipment at fantastic prices with delivery and installation available



Strom is a UK based Supplement Company made by the Athletes  and gym goers for the Athletes & gym goers, with health and performance at the top of their priority list. The "SupportMax" range has become a staple of every athletes arsenal. Strom are the first company in the industry to create and release innovative products such as 'SupportMax, Maximise and Neuro' which has created a category of its own within the fitness industry. #Neversettle 


The one stop store helping bodybuilding competitors get everything they need for show day in one place. KOMPAK provide all the essentials for your big day from posing shoes , jewellery to tanning & backstage essentials. 


Emma Hyndman has worked with 1000’s of athletes to help them perfect their posing, across all federation competitions globally. If you are looking for a world class posing coach, you have come to the right place! Emma Hyndman, a champion in her own right as a IFBB Figure PRO, is tremendously passionate about helping other athletes discover how to get the best from their bodies

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Cardiff Sports Nutrition are leading suppliers of quality sports nutrition and bodybuilding products in the UK.  Offering the Finest Sports Nutrition, Bodybuilding & Sports Products from top brands with free expert advice &  loyalty Scheme.



Xplosive Ape wanted to create clothing that would last through rigorous training and suit strongman and Bodybuilders who like wearing BIG sizes during training. The designs had to be something more too, they wanted to go further then just simple adding a logo to everything, they wanted designs that reflected the mind set, the positive attitude, all with a gritty backdrop of the basic animal instinct to just lift stuff!  Xplosive Ape continues to  support many major competitions and athletes within the strength world, and with growing success we plan to expand into other areas of fitness and help support and clothe athletes in many different walks of life.


Highly dosed, innovative and above all effective sports nutrition. Products made by people that train, for people that train. HR LABS endeavour to formulate, efficacious, fully transparent products you can trust. Manufactured using the highest quality ingredients in GMP certified, UK production facilities.


Insight aim to bring you the best all round sports supplements from the USA. Their aim is to educate their  customers on the benefits of all their selected ingredients and let consumers make an informed choice based on scientific  evidence.

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At CNP they have one mission, and that is to support you in reaching your goals. Whether that’s powering through your next training session, keeping on top of your health focused nutritional needs or when it’s time to get serious and take your sport to the next level. CNP want to match your dedication with their expertise in sports nutrition, to create a winning partnership with supplements that don’t just tick a box, they deliver.  CNP have been formulating and manufacturing products in their Manchester-based, state-of-the-art facility since 1998. They were founded by bodybuilding champion Kerry Kayes in order to provide a comprehensive nutritional strategy for athletes and serious gym goers.